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Compact 2-deck DJ controller for iOS, iPadOS, Android, Mac & PC
8 RGB colour-coded performances pads for each deck
Extensive Neural Mix™ controls (pad / EQ mode) to isolate beats, instruments, and vocals of any song
8 performance modes: hot cue, auto loop, touch FX, sampler, slicer, bounce loop, Neural Mix™, looper
Full transport section and quick performance mode access
Dedicated sync function to match tempo and key
Responsive jog wheels for precise mixing and tight scratching
Quick-skip: fast search within a track
Hi-resolution pitch faders for accurate BPM adjustments
High- & low-EQs to tweak frequency bands
Bi-polar sound filters (LPF/HPF)
Effect section with FX paddles (hold & on)
Dedicated loop encoders (loop-length and on/off activation)
Library navigation controls for comfortable track browsing and loading
Shift buttons for second layer functions
Built-in USB audio interface: directly connect active speakers & headphones and start mixing from your music library

Reloop Buddy DJ Controller


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